Loving You:  Celebrating the Body Through Art

chronicles personal transitions through self-discovery and acceptance. This groundbreaking work with EssencePortraits

provides a window into awareness and renewed self-esteem.

Nancy delight in working artistically one-on-one with those she draws, while bearing witness to the often-magical transformation in the spirit of her subjects, was the catalyst for her book.

With her Essence Portraits, narratives and expressive poetry, this poignant little book is a heartfelt invitation to experience transformative benefits through an inner portrait realized on paper.

Besides being visually beautiful, the book encourages women to rediscover their own beauty and appreciation of what they dont see in the mirror, their essence, their perfume. Nancy encourages us to thank our bodies every day, just they way they are.  She asks the question, “Without them, where would you be?”

Loving You: Celebrating the Body Though Art is a magnificent and meaningful gift book. Small enough to hold in your hand, keep in your bag and grace your bedside table, it captures the essence of those drawn with a modern and fresh look that todays women can relate to.

You will certainly enjoy the delightful essence portraits from which she has gained recognition. She also offers you the opportunity to have your essence drawn!  Click here for how it works.

Her essence portraits took her in an entirely new direction several years after her Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. Click here for more information


Special Hardcover Edition  15X12

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9x11 Orange Hardcover Edition  $65.00

Soft Cover Edition

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Contact with your essence

allows you to be seen in a world

that often forgets to look;

and to be heard in a world that seldom listens.”

~ Nancy J. Ballard